Friday, September 28, 2007

Prevent spam in your Gmail account

Are you worried about spam in your precious gmail account ?

If yes, then you would like to consider making aliases of your gmail id to use when you're not sure whether you're signing up for something safe or not.

It is a very simple task to provide an alias of your gmail id. Whenever you sign up on the internet on some site that you think may not be safe(or a site which might send you spam),all you have to do is give out the email address as

For example if your email id is,you can provide or .You can put anything after the + and all email sent will still go to your gmail account.

In the event that you did give your email to a spammer and you start receiving spam, don't worry! Just create a filter, and make everything that is sent to go to the trash. This way all the spam that you might get will automatically be deleted.

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